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EASY Ways to Rank Higher on Google

Rank Higher on Google

How to market that brand effectively online so if you’re building a brand one of the biggest things you will Rank Higher on Google ask yourself after you build your website is how do I get my website ranking on Google well in this article we teach that’s what we’re dive traffic.

you’re hoping to use the powerful exposure that Google can bring to get clients unfortunately getting your website to Rank Higher on Google can be a long difficult daunting task and learn SEO tips and tricks.

I wish there was a step-by-step guide to getting your business on Google but it’s not that simple it’s not hard to submit your website to Google but it takes time and dedication to get your website ranking on the first few pages and especially the first few results.

Rank Higher on Google
Rank Higher on Google

So Seo Smart Key shares the experience with SEO and gives you my top3 tips for improving you’re can Rank Higher on Google. let’s get right into it now first let’s talk about the Google search console first you want to make sure your website is registered in the Google search console.

If you haven’t done this and you have a brand new website signing up and adding your website to the Google search console can speed up the process above being added to Google if your site is already on Google the Google search console gives you valuable statistics.

let you know how its Rank Higher on Google ranking what search terms are leading the clicks and what you can do to improve your performance. So to add your site search Google search console on you guessed it Google but actually, you can search it on bing and it still comes up I tried this because I’m a nerd and I thought it was hilariously ironic.

Once you’re at the search console page click start now and sign in with your LeConte add your web property by selecting the add property button and typing in your domain name once you’ve added your domain to Google search console .

You’ll be able to Rank Higher on Google to see statistics on your search performance after a few days and if your site is brand new adding it to Google search console will ensure that google has their BOTS crawl your site and add the listing if they haven’t already done.

So now having Google search analytics is a powerful way to understand which pages on your site are getting ranked and searched and it’s especially helpful if you have a blog where you put out content regularly because you can see exactly which blog posts are driving the most traffic.

So now that we’ve taken a look at Google search console let’s talk about content optimization now content optimization is absolutely huge traffic from SEO you can understand analytics all day Rank Higher on Google but the very words you put on the page of your website and in the title of your website ultimately play the biggest factor and how we’ll rank on Google it’s critical to make sure you include the keywords.

You want your site to get Rank Higher on Google for in the title of your website what does that mean well let’s take the company I co-founded as an example it’s called my sermon notes and it’s a church out platform that allows a church congregation to take fill-in-the-blank sermon notes on their phone sign up for event get announcements from the church and do other things.

Now obviously we want our site to rank if someone on Church staff Google’s Church app but the company’s called my sermon notes the phrase church app is nowhere in the company name if this is the case for your business and your company name does not include what you do whether it’s real estate plumbing graphic design.

It’s absolutely critical that you make sure you include those keywords in the second title of your website this is the title that will actually show up as the search result for the homepage of your website so for our business it reads my sermon notes the interactive church at platform.

We made sure we got Church app in both the subtitle of the website and the description that shows below the title now you might be wondering how you can modify these sections on your own website and while each platform will have a different method so you want to check the support page of your website builder.

If you use Wix Squares pace or another platform I use WordPress and while there are multiple ways to control this information I highly recommend that you get the Yoast SEO plugin it’s free and it’s been the most beneficial tool .

I have found to optimize WordPress websites for Google Yoast also changes the way you write blog posts and page content you’ll learn a ton of concepts and best practices for your content such as including keywords that will help to Rank Higher on Google from the post in the post itself several times these are things that Google checks for to make sure your site actually includes the content your post or page title claims it includes if you write a post titled how to fix your shower drain.

A quick way to get Google to bury your post and not rank it well in search this same concept applies to page and post titles as well while it may be tempting to come up with an artsy title for your blog post make sure you include a second title that will help Rank Higher on Google your content effectively an example of this might be tired of showering in a lake how to fix your shower drain this is a creative and also cheesy title that tells Google exactly.

What your post is about how to fix your shower drain but your potential reader may choose to click your article just because of that silly beginning on tired of showering in a lake you know it’s just oddly realistic so you can get Rank Higher on Google creative with stuff like that when you’re creating your titles and read more

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