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Digital Marketing Myths 2020

Digital Marketing Myths 2020: Telling Fact from Fiction

Digital Marketing Myths 2020, Since the inception of humanity, marketing as a concept is evolving and revolving around us. It is all about persuasion. Marketing is all about- How lucratively a company portrays its products to persuade the end customers and convert them to a loyal clientele.

Before the up-gradation of technology everything needed to be pulled from a specified physical market place. As the world becomes tech-savvy everything starts moving around technology so is marketing. Adding the pinch of technical knowledge to age-old marketing makes a perfect mix of Digital Marketing concepts.

Digital Marketing can be defined as using internet services to attract customers, satisfy their ongoing needs and provide after sales services. Digital marketing is an emerging marketing tool.

In the parlance of digital marketing, success depends on how efficiently one is able to convert prospective customers to loyal ones.

Digitization of marketing is not only easing our life but at the same time reducing the physical cost incurred by various supply chain members. It is making too and fro of goods and services more dynamic with the main focus on after-sales services.

Despite the numerous advantages of Digital Marketing Myths 2020, it also has given birth to various myths. 

  1. Internet Marketing is Enough

Digital marketing is often understood as synonym to internet marketing. This is the most common myth or perception of people that publicizing and attracting customers via internet is the only way to digital marketing. But the fact is that internet marketing is one of the medium or way of digital marketing.

Today the internet is the source of various other modes of Digital Marketing Myths 2020. Positively exploiting the internet, companies are showcasing their products on other platforms such as video games, digital hoardings, advertising via pop-up windows, and many more. In short, we can say that the internet is not the end of marketing whereas it is the medium to digital marketing. 

digital marketing myths 2020
digital marketing myths 2020
  1. Digital Marketing replacing physical markets

There is a fiction in the new generation Digital Marketing Myths 2020 that with a click of a button they can have every authentic product delivered at their door step. This concept is riding successfully in this tech oriented world but with increased number of cyber crimes.

Digitisation of marketing has eased our daily life but it can never replace the physical shops. Digital Marketing Myths 2020 can be a source of need but real leisure can be enjoyed via visiting specified markets. So the fact is that physical shops can never be replaced. These will remain intact. Digitalization and physical markets go hand in hand. 

  1. Key ingredient to digital market is CONTENT

In the aura of Digital Marketing Myths 2020 we all revolve around the concept that only the content plays the major role in success of anything. But this is a greatest myth in the world of digitization.

Content can be considered as integral part of putting the thoughts behind the product creation or usage but it is not the only factor for the success of product. Content must be supported by other means of marketing.

This can be picturized to the one who doesn’t know to read or imbibe the correct meaning out of what is written. Keeping in mind that part of the society we can’t only rely on the content being the sole ingredient to digital marketing. 

  1. Negativity on Social Portals is Bad

Everyone is under the impression that only way to success is the positive picturisation of product. We all are in the rush to portray only the pros of product in the minds of end customers.

No one is even trying to focus on cons. Even when some of the customers put comments about malfunctioning of certain product on various portals, then we consider it as the dip in the sales of product.

In this era of educated and more cautious consumers, marketers need to focus on the cons in the same way they are considering the pros of a particular product.

Negativity is not at all bad sign rather it gives a true picture of the product. So there’s no need to step back if something negative comes. Instead take it as an opportunity to convert the negativity into positivity. 

  1. Presence on each platform

The biggest hindrance or myth of Digital Marketing Myths 2020 is the race to showcase the product on hell a lot of platforms present around the world. There is no need to be at all places. The only requirement one should figure out is actually who the target audience is. Select your platform as per the audience you want to cater.

There is no benefit to grab all media available if that doesn’t have value to customers. Usage of Digital Marketing Myths 2020 requires a moment amount of study to select the best platform out of the numerous.

It is always advisable that be careful while choosing the advertisement media. The success lies not only in the creation of the good product but real mantra to success is the best medium of advertising with the right mix of technology. 

Wrap Up

In the end digital marketing is the recent concept which has wiped various day to day problems being faced by different levels of supply chain. But at the same time being a recently evolved concept it has given rise to lot of myths that needed to be answered time to time.

Digitalization at the one end is creating smoother flow of products but at the same time creating other issues too and Digital Marketing Myths 2020. The only mantra to successfully cater to the needs and make money is to be vigilant and work with facts only read more.

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